Tips for a successful packaging

Entering a shop or a supermarket, customers have to deal with unlimited shopping options. That’s why packaging has become a key tool to attract consumers attention and make the product stand out among others.

The factor that most influences customer’s perception is definitely aesthetics: a well-designed packaging, in both shape and graphics, creates positive feelings and maximizes the appeal of the product. Its power is so strong to even affect the amount of money the customer is willing to spend.

Another decisive factor is clarity: for the customer it has to be comprehensible what’s inside the packing, which has to be appropriate to that specific product.

Clarity can be also interpreted as authenticity and originality: packaging has to embody the identity and the values that the brands want to share with customers, but also to distinguish itself from competitors, through a memorable and unique design. For example, looking at other categories of product can be a possible way to find the right inspiration to build an innovative and original packaging.

Extensibility, or adaptability to other shapes and sizes, is a component that reinforces the effectiveness of a packaging as well. A versatile design allows, for example, a simpler introduction of a new product or a new sub-brand, and, as a consequence, a coherent product line.

Packaging has to be practical. Shape, dimensions, functionality must be studied to optimize the convenience of use.

In conclusion, sustainability and respect for the environment have become key elements in consumer purchasing decisions. The reduction of the amount of waste, the use of eco-sustainable materials and recyclability are issues that cannot be overshadowed in the design of a successful packaging.