Tin Boxes Catalog


We provide the possibility to buy also less quantities, in order to meet the needs of retail market.
There are many neuter items available in stock that can be customized by small graphic operations, through serigraphic and digital print, or by applying labels.
They are collections of items designed for specialty stores like herbalists, perfumeries, patisseries and for every kind of promotional activity.
Among the stock collections, there is one which is entirely dedicated to coffee: a series of special metal cans (that contains 250 or 500 g of product) which are perfect for preserving for long time its strong aroma.
It is also possible to produce (for industrial quantities) customized coffee boxes, both in graphics and shape and there is the possibility to play with accessories:

  • Different sizes of round, oval and rectangular boxes, for both 500 gr or 250 gr of product
  • Different types of closure
  • Plastic, Plexiglas or tin lid