Moulds for Tin Boxes Ti.Pack

We can count on hundreds of moulds for tin boxes, which highnesses can change in order to produce thousands of different items: from the simplest geometrical shapes, to actual design items.

We can also create new types of moulds. The creation of a new mould is subordinated to a minimum order quantity. The use of an existing mould as well is conditioned by a minimum order quantity, which changes (from 3.000 to 10.000 pieces) according to the dimension of the item.

Examples of Round Moulds

Round Molds Ti.Pack

The diameter can approximately change from 40 mm to 290 mm.

Examples of Rectangular Moulds

Rectangular MoldsTi. Pack

The measure of the rectangular boxes are extremely variable: indicatively, the smallest box has dimensions of 45×30 mm; the largest box has dimensions of 340×257 mm.

Examples of Square Moulds

Square Molds Ti.Pack

The dimensions can approximately change from 44×44 mm to 265×265 mm.

Examples of other geometric shapes (oval, hexagonal, octagonal, cut-corner,…)

Special Molds Ti.Pack

The measure of these boxes are extremely variable, for more information, please feel free to contact us.

Some of our Special Moulds

The Molds Ti.Pack

We have many special shape, please feel free to contact us to find the perfect one for your product!

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