Collezione Horeca Ti.Pack


For the HoReCa market, we provide several types of products: napkin holders, sugar holders, trays, money renders and others promotional items.
These products are entirely customizable, both in shape and graphics.
Moreover, there is a series of neutral items that can be purchased with no minimum order quantity and can be partially customizable by digital printing. In this way, businesses that require small quantities can have the possibility to customize their items as well, in a unique and inimitable way.
These items are divided into two collections, which are E-Plate collection and Ragus collection, but their versatility lets the customer the possibility to combine products from different collections.

E-Plate collection: napkin and sugar holders with galvanized window, available in silver, black and white printing.

Ragus collection: a series of silver items, suitable for any type of logo or graphics. The collection includes a napkin holder, two sugar holders (with square or rectangular shape), a money render and a clock.